Aggie Beletsky

Aggie Beletsky and personal trainer, Marcus Bethman,
performing at Dancing for the Dogs 2012

Aggie started professional dance training when she, in her 20’s, walked into an Arthur Murray Dance Studio in San Diego, California.  Although she had been partner dancing (waltz and swing) most of her life, with her father back in Poland, she never had any formal training prior to entering that dance studio.

Very shortly after placing 1st in her first few amateur competitions, she started competing Pro/Am with her dance teacher at competitions all over the U.S. She specialized in American Rhythm and Salsa and in her last amateur competition placed third in the world in Arthur Murray’s American Rhythm Open Championship.

Eventually Aggie was offered a teaching position. Aggie has experience teaching all levels, putting together many wedding routines and competing with her students at all levels of dance. She has had training from some of the best professional dancers in both American Rhythm and Smooth.

After moving from San Diego to the Eastern Shore to start a family, (she is a proud mother of her daughter, Lana and son Jake). She was exhilarated to join Dancing on the Shore 4  years ago and to be able to continue sharing her love of dance.